"Where to Find Used Books to Sell on Amazon FBA"

"Learn how to find sources you never thought possible, and how to think of sources yourself."

This eBook will give you:

1.  Lists and lists of sources to use                        
2.  Ideas on how to generate sources yourself  
3.  Real world experience with various sources
4.  The source that generated 6 figures...easily 


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What this Book is About

  • Being able to find sources is critical to any successful book business. Inventory sourcing is, by far, 
    the most important piece of this business that you will need to master. Unfortunately, a huge number of
     booksellers simply don't know where to look for books. Not being able to find books can be the death of 
    your book business.

    With How to Source Used Books, I reveal to you every source I've ever used as well as every source I've
     ever heard of. Not only that, but I teach you tricks to find your own sources. This eBook is not simply 
    just a list of sources. The whole point is to show you how to come up with these great sources yourself. 
    Anyone can give you a spreadsheet full of sources, but I can never predict what your local area is like. 
    This is why I wrote it from this perspective.

Table of Contents

About The Author

Hello, my name is Adam Bertram and I am an online bookseller, IT consultant and family man. I have been involved in one facet or another of information technology for going on twelve years now, and have been selling books and other media online since 2008.  The marriage of online bookselling with my vast experience with
technology has allowed me to quickly achieve success on a number of online book marketplaces. The astounding results of this marriage are made plain by my sales figures. I am currently approaching $100,000 in sales/year just almost at three years of online bookselling.

This whole endeavor started one warm July afternoon in 2008. On a whim, I listed ten books that I had recently finished reading on Amazon. Before I could even finish listing them all, they started selling and selling FAST! The first book I ever sold was The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive by Patrick Lencioni. I sold this book for $6 and I was ecstatic! Of course, I had purchased it for the cover
price of $24.95, but that wasn’t the point! I was making money on the Internet and it was invigorating!

As the "Sold, Ship Now" emails kept rolling in from Amazon and I quickly turned around those first ten books, it dawned on me, “How am I supposed to actually ship these to people? Do I use the post office, UPS, FedEx or DHL?” Admittedly, I had never sent a lot of packages all at one time. After I got over my initial shock, I
settled down and did a huge amount of research on the best ways to ship books. I went on Amazon's site and followed their instructions about printing out the packing slip from the website and printing the shipping label. It was a lot of work; and to think, I still had to go to the post office!

Not knowing any better, I stood in a long line of cranky people waiting to mail packages. When I finally made it to the counter, the clerk looked down at my box of twenty one packages, gave a heavy sigh, and began to weigh each one. Twenty minutes later, I had my first postage bill for my first set of orders that were finally on their way to their respective customers. This is how I got my start.

When I first started out, I was simply selling books online as a small side business and in doing so, making some extra income for my family. My wife and I were both working full time, and we had plenty of money even without a supplemental income. Life then threw us a curveball; we found out about 2 months after starting, that my wife was pregnant with our daughter, Ella. We struggled with the
decision of my wife staying at home with our daughter while I continued to work. We were concerned that my wife would have to go back to work and we would have to find somewhere to take our daughter during the day. That is until we thought about my little side business that was then making about $2,000 EXTRA
dollars a month! This was more than what my wife was making at her full time job as an office assistant! That was then and this is now. Currently, my monthly record is over $11,000/month.

This little side business that grew into a big side business has had an enormously positive impact on our lives and hopefully it will yours as well.

- Adam

How to Source Used Books by
Adam Bertram

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